"The best thing we did this year at school" - Year 6 pupil

"My daughter and her friend are talking about starting a business together!" - Parent

"MiniBiz showed my class the relevance of all they have learnt to the real world" - Teacher

"MiniBiz was practical, interesting and fun for the children! Every child without exception listened well and felt involved" - Teacher


Our aim is to introduce and raise awareness of the basic concepts of enterprise to school children.

The MiniBiz programme is approved and recognised by regional bodies across the UK. The programme was developed and implemented in partnership with Bergander Ltd who are national award winning business performance improvement specialists. The programme was launched in 2009 and includes 10 classroom modules that take teams of four/five school children on a journey from team creation, idea inception, product design, production, marketing through to actual selling. Each programme concludes with an exciting competition to see which team makes the most profit. The team with the best final financial position and the team that demonstrate the best team working (not always the same team!) are given prizes from the proceeds of the exercise. Surplus funds are given to the school.

MiniBiz has been succesfully piloted and we receive many requests to run the programme in local schools. We are presently looking for regional and national sponsors to help us roll the programme out.

If you are a potential sponsor please make contact with the Programme Manager - Ian Leigh
(email ianleigh@minibiz.co.uk or call Ian Leigh on 07803 616666).

If you would like your school to be involved in a programme during the 2010/2011 academic year please contact the MiniBiz Programme Coordinator - Jo Mooney (jo@minibiz.co.uk)